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Corporate Industrial Staffing, Inc. Billing Rates

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New Employee Processing
Paycheck Processing

Workers Compensation Insurance
Social Security Contributions
Federal Unemployment
State Unemployment
Pension Plan
Year End W2s

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You set the wage and multiply it by 1.65

An $8.25/hr. employee will be billed at $13.61/hr.

An $8.50/hr. employee will be billed at $14.03/hr.

An $8.75/hr. employee will be billed at $14.44/hr.

  • If you choose to hire a temporary employee for a full-time position, no charge will be incurred after 240 hours (approximately six weeks full-time) of temporary employment.*
  • A person of your choice may be put on our payroll.
  • We will pay a temporary employee, and bill you, for a minimum of four hours a day.
  • We invoice weekly; terms are net ten days. Balances over 30 days will be charged interest at one and one half percent a month.
  • Charges for salaried employees will be based on their expected first year's compensation.
  • The rate above may be affected by your Workers' Compensation code, injury rate and payment history.

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* Your company's invoices must be paid within terms to qualify.